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Hair Services


Our experienced stylists have advanced training and specialize in creative cut and coloring techniques. Their expertise will help you define your style, be it fun, flashy or functional, while keeping you in tune with today’s trends.

To cut your style we first consider your face shape, bone structure and hair texture, combined with your personal expression to create a perfect shape for you.

To color your style, we use a superior European coloring system that can achieve vibrant, beautiful shades with long lasting results. There are many creative expressions for single or dimensional color. Ask our stylists which options are best for you.

To smooth and add shine to unruly hair we offer a protein smoothing treatment. This amazing procedure will eliminate frizz, reduce curl and styling time, while dramatically improving the condition of the hair. Results last 12 weeks or more.

Moda Wellness - Nutrition - Image of Organic Plum


By taking a holistic approach to wellness, we believe the formula to a healthy vital life is to balance quality nutrition with ideal lifestyle choices.

Individual counseling begins with a complementary consultation to discuss your personal needs and goals. When you are ready to proceed, enroll in the start up program. Our goal is to increase your awareness and inspire change through education.

The start up program is as individual as you are. As you learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyle strategies, you will be able to identify problem areas and make better choices. { more }

The maintenance program is offered at any time to those who have completed the start up program. This optional program offers in-depth information, with continued support to keep you on track. { more }

Nutrition classes are held on a regular basis, at Moda and at other locations. { schedule }

Healthy Aging

Skin Nutrition

Food Sensitivities

The Healthy Cook

Lifestyle Workshops are more in-depth and inspire a “whole” life shift. { schedule }

Whole lifestyle makeover

Nourish yourself well

Gentle Detoxification

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Davines Products


We continually research and choose products that meet our strict criteria. They must balance high performance with natural ingredients. We support companies that are aware of their impact on the environment and operate with integrity.


Davines is focused on crafting quality products that are scientifically engineered to work. These products contain the essence of Mediterranean herbs, active ingredients that offer immediate effects and enriched with antioxidant protection.

Davines has been a leader in sustainable beauty for more than two decades. Now found in 60 countries with headquarters in Parma Italy, New York, Paris and Mexico City.


Eufora is committed to creating products that balance performance and integrity, with respect to the environment and your health. Eufora utilizes the healing benefits of organic aloe vera gel which is the base for all formulations. Each product has a special blend of botanicals, vitamins, and pure essential oils.

Eufora launched in 1999 and has a mission to be both people and planet friendly.


Argan oil is the secret ingredient that sets this product apart. Cold pressed from the nut of the Argan tree this ancient oil is rich with omega 6, vitamin E and reparative antioxidants. This gentle sulfate free formula revitalizes the hair to its natural luster.

Start up Program:

May take 1-2 months depending on your pace… $185

Step 1. Trough questionnaires and consultations we assess lifestyle habits, activity, dietary choices and physical history to determine your life-balance.

Step 2. After reviewing the information you provided, we will be able to pinpoint problem areas, and prepare a program specifically for you.

Step 3. Let’s schedule a one hour meeting to present our recommendations, and enough information to get you started.

Step 4. Three brief follow up sessions to answer questions, and make revisions as needed to re-balance your life.

Mantenance Program:

Is offered on an as needed basis… $40 per hour

As you progress you may need further guidance, to deepen your knowledge or address new issues. Additional kitchen strategies are offered, such as meal planning, pantry makeover or healthy cooking instruction. We may also refer you to other modalities in an effort to assemble the best possible support team.

Classes and Workshop Schedule:

Devils Thumb Ranch Oct 22- 24.